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"I'm sure someday earth and lives became extinct. I'm view in the future, the humans will be competing to be the cockroach". - Aditya FH

Youth Sonic is an art project by Aditya Fachrizal Hafiz, the name selected from a Sonic Youth band from New York City, USA that has feeling and big ability in influencing the daily of the creator.
The basic idea in this work is a cockroach, or have properties of very resistant to a nuclear of radiation and a complication of modern human mental which is called Alienation. This first series is discussing a fictional profession that is "The Insects Trainer", where the artist thinks the profession is very promising in the future.
This audio was included in one package with T-Shirt "Youth Sonic - Pelatih Serangga".

Draft and concept by Aditya Fachrizal Hafiz aka Gooodit from Jakarta, Java Island – Indonesia.
Recorded and Narrated by Bron Zelani aka bronzEngobrain
Translator by Old Bule
Ican Harem as himself and his true testimony.
Abrams Gobrams as a cockroach entrepreneur testimony’s voice.
Text narration typed, re-cut and rescued from internet mixed with Bron Zelani’s head.
Made in zEtudio at Denpasar, Bali Island – Indonesia.
Printed and Publish by Cut and Rescue, Jakarta - Indonesia.
Developed to Installation and Exhibited by Cut and Rescue (Aditya FH, Syaiful Ardianto, Angga Cipta, Mario Julius, Rafsan 'Acan' Yuono) at The Bigest Indonesian Fine Arts Exhibition Manifesto No.4 "Keseharian" - Mencandra Tanda Masa, at Indonesian National Gallery, 20 May - 7 June 2014.
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Download copy of audio booklet here.


Sketch Installation

Digital Collage Sketch, 2014

I get fake tattoo, by Der K√ľnstler Roman Maeder aka Larry Bang Bang

Black Ghost (Electric Fish) out from my ears then cut by chainsaw. "Hopefully this picture gives you a blessing" - Larry

In the middle of last year I was sick, almost (maybe) 3 months my left ear get noisy. I hope, one day this work will be realized.

TV-OUT - Oh Oh U.F.Oh (MV)

TV-OUT - Oh Oh U.F.O.h from Aditya Fachrizal HafizGOOODIT on Vimeo.
for TV-OUT, Jakarta 2012 facebook.com/tiviout